Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yiddish is not Dead !


Bring your Shleptops - Yiddish Convention at the Hebrew University Jerusalem

I don't refer to the Yiddish language in its common daily sense among secular Jews an today's theater plays. Not even to Isaac Bashevis Singer. I mostly see Yiddish as today's language of certain parts of haredi society. Not the Sephardi one, not the modern Baalei Teshuva from Chabad, Breslov or others but the language of chassidic Eastern Europe.

There is a woman in Mea Shearim who teaches Yiddish and I should finally move my "behind" and do some effort to get it fluent.


  1. I'm the same, trying to adapt from the German I studied years ago. Just can't figure out how "wir" turned into "mir" in Yiddish.

  2. B"H

    There are a few questions I have because some forms seem to be ... well, strange.

    I think that I may only need a few hours of practising conversation because the German is not so different from the Yiddish. Some words, yes, and the pronounciation.

  3. Yiddish is far from being dead! More and more youngster are asking for Yiddish schooling.

    At, you can learn Yiddish Online via the internet, in classes or with private tutor. They are also sponsoring the first free virtual Yiddish community that promote Yiddish students of all level to practice their language skills.

  4. B"H

    One doesn't learn a langugae online ! There is nothing better and more positive than a real teacher correcting your mistakes and giving you advice. Someone you can ask and someone you can practise with !