Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Perversion in haredi Forums


Finally I got the point why haredi Rabbis keep on banning the Internet. Although the Internet can be extremely useful, many (probably younger) Haredim obviously do not know how to use is properly and play around.

I signed up for some Israeli forums and surfed the haredi world on those sites. Despite all the positive forums, the negative impression about haredi forums named "Chassidishe or Glatt Sex" remained. Haredim searching for a sex partner beyond their marriage. How can those kind of people call themselves "Haredim" and pray the "Bedtime Shema" before falling asleep ? 

The Internet has opened a new world to haredi society but banning it is not the right move. Rather educate the people and do not hide the secular world out there from a closed haredi community. 


  1. maybe i am niave, but i beleive that besides for talking, nothing goes on in these forums, i used to visit them years ago, and never got past the talking stage!

  2. B"H

    Maybe it depends on the intention of a person advertising.:-) Many may just be joking and place an add out of curiosity. Just wait and see what is happening.
    This behaviour alone is very tempting.:-)