Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dudi Zilberschlag and the Actress


Haredi papers mainly report about "holy" issues. Nothing immodest will be passed on to the haredi readership. No dirty immodest pictures, no Yetzer HaRah and no dirty gossip. Even if the gossip is coming from the own (haredi) society. 

Haredi sites and especially forums, however, love all the gossip of the own society. Especially when the subject is the wealthy haredi Israeli businessman DUDI ZILBERSCHLAG. 

Dudi (David Chaim) Zilberschlag was born in 1958 and is a rich Israeli businessman and owner of a newspaper. Today he lives in Ramat Shlomo / Jerusalem and has nine children. It is said that he is or, at least, used to be associated with Chassidut Seret - Vishnitz. 

Zilberschlag himself is a popular haredi gossip subject. Not only because of the latest affair. An affair, the haredi press doesn't want to report about. On the other hand, Israel's secular press such as "Yediot Acharonot" loves those stories and today's paper was full of it.

Dudi Zilberschlag complained about two of his employees who apparently tried to blackmail him. According to "Yediot Acharonot", the two suspects ordered an Israeli actress to meet Zilberschlag pretending that she was a rich Jew from the United States. This is what the actress did. Furthermore she told Zilberschlag that she is interested in donating a huge sum to the almost bancrupt Jerusalem hospital "Bikur Cholim". Zilberschlag met the woman at least three times. Either in posh hotels in Tel Aviv or in Jerusalem. 

The last time they met, the actress told Zilberschlag if he would be willing to come up to her room in order to help her moving some heavy suitcases. She herself would not be strong enough to do so. Zilberschlag agreed and went into the woman's hotel room. There she suddenly asked him whether he wants her to give him a massage for his knees. The two suspects had told her that Zilberschlag is having problems with his knees. "Yediot Acharonot" claims that, again, Zilberschlag agreed. 

Fact is, that Dudi Zilberschlag accompanied the woman into her room which was a stupid thing to do. Especially as a Haredi. Although he couldn't know that all this was a trap, he should have never agreed. 

Private detectives took photos of Zilberschlag entering the woman's room, someone tried to balckmail him but Zilberschlag filed a legal complaint.

Conclusion: Not every Haredi really is a Haredi when it comes to money and carreer. We are all humans but as soon as I wear haredi clothes I do represent something pious. Unfortunately, many times, this is not the case and some Haredim are worse than any Am HaAretz. 

Find the whole story HERE !


  1. Very shameful...

    A normal Charedi would have never did what he did.

  2. B"H

    Dudi Zilberschlag himself said that he regrets going up to the room of the actress.

    I don't know how religious he is but a guy looking like him (in haredi clothes) wouldn't do such a thing.

    "Yediot Acharonot" reported that the actress also offered him a massage for his knees, as the two guys planning to trap Zilberschlag knew about his pain in the knees.
    The newspaper claims that Zilberschlag took of his pants and that there is a photo of him in such a position.

    However, I don't know whether this is true. The haredi press keeps quiet !

  3. Wheither this is true or not, he is responsable for whatever things will be said. How a Charedi can accept to go un in a room with a woman not his wife and to accept a massage???????? I would never agree a massage even from a female doctor, how much more from a stranger woman???? This guy has some problem I cannot figure! It's beyond logic.