Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Leibby Kletzky was found dead


The eight year old missing boy Leiby Kletzky from Brooklyn was found murdered. Apparently by Levi Aron. Further details on YESHIVA WORLD 
and YNET !

Does anyone know to which chassidic group the boy belonged to ?


  1. Vus iz neaias said he was at the Booyaner day camp

  2. B'H

    When I heard the news, I was almost crying. What cruelty!

    He was a Boyaner chosid, but their Rabbi is Rabbi Binyomin Eisenberger, who runs one of the largest shulls in Boro Park.

    A few years ago he began giving shiurim to individuals, mainly
    young peoples. This has built itself up to a crowd of approximatively 80-100 young men with whom he is extremely popular
    and who eventually had to find a suitable premises for the shiurim.
    They originally hired an unused side Beis HaMidrash of a Boro Park rebbe, but they were kicked out after 2 weeks: they realised that Rabbi Eisenberger's shalosh seudos attracted much larger crowds than did the Admur himself.. So they rented the basement of the Munkatch Talmud Torah on 13th Avenue and named themselves "Heichal
    Hatefilah", where they also have Shabbos minyonim etc. They now occupy a large lot where they built a large Beis HaMidrash.

    He now gives close to a dozen shiurim on a variety of topics
    throughout the week.

    BTW a big chiddush here is, that whilst nearly all his 'baalei battim' are beshtreimeled and gebeketched types, Rabbi Binyomin wears a normal suit and bent-down hat... That's why even Boyaner Chassidim, like the Kletzky family were members of his kehilah.

  3. From what i heard it was Spinka

  4. B"H

    Its a real tragedy that Leibby was murdered davka by a Haredi Jew.

  5. "a Haredi Jew"


    For sure he was a yid, but was he a charedi? Nobody knows for now.

    But that that buchery was committed by a fellow yid hurts the most.

  6. This is such a sad thing, an innocent was taken. Liebby, you didn’t make it to moon in this lifetime, but with your outstretched arm, you’ve slipped the surly bonds of earth and gone to touch the face of God. RIP

  7. Here is the video of the monster beeing brought to court:

    And here inside the court:

  8. He was not a boyaner chasid just a boyaner talmid not that it makes any difference.