Monday, July 11, 2011

Sikarikim against Jerusalem Technology Park


For those who are not too familiar with Jerusalem:

The haredi neighbourhood Sanhedria has been surrounded by a new neighbourhood. Already a while ago, the Har Chotzvim Technology Park has been extending it's area. Hightech companies and anything connected to computers.

Now some Haredim, apparently with a Sikariki ideology, have been trying to get rid of Jerusalem's hightech companies because they still look at computers as a danger. Especially when hightech companies start building near haredi neighbourhoods.

It seems that those Haredim have missed realizing today's reality. A few years ago, I had some business to do in Har Chotzvim and was surprised how many Haredim work at the computer companies. Especially American Haredim. No matter if male or female, everyone was just there working.

So, are those demonstrators trying to make their own people unemployed ?

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  1. Those guys are not Torah followers.

    First of all, it's written that "six days shall you work, and the seventh day is Shabbes." I wonder which day of the weeks they are working, if the y even work to begin with. And what about, "You will eat by the sweat of your brow"? I think they'd rather prefer living by tzedakah. It is more easy, and you have your money without moving the little finger.

    Second, all Gedolei HaTorah agrre that once you use an Internet filter, there is no issue. I have an Internet filter, and B'H, it is powerfull and I have never been exposed to improper content, not even by the Internet ads.