Monday, November 2, 2009

Is the son of an intermarried couple allowed to get an "Aufruf" ?


Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ,(1895 - 1986), was more than famous for his halachic decisions and I do not need to explain too much about his authority. He simply was the "Posek HaDor - the halachic expert of the generation". I do not know anyone who would not agree with him.
Rabbi Moshe Feinstein was born in Belarus and moved to New York in 1936.
Your can read his halachic decrees in the volumes of "Iggrot Moshe", and today, I would like to present you one of them.
The topic is "intermarriage (a Jew marrying a Gentile)" and, as in these days, unfortunately intermarriage is taking place too many times. Therefore, Rabbi Feinstein's point of view may be interesting to other Jews.

The halachic decree I am quoting is from "Iggrot Moshe, Siman 73":

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein:
I was asked by a Rabbi if the son of a Jewish mother who is married to a non - Jew can be called up to the Torah at his Bar Mitzvah.

Remark: It is customary that a Bar Mitzvah boy (age 13) is reading a special Torah Passuk on the day of his celebration.

The child of a Jewish mother is Jewish in any case; even if the father might be a Gentile. Therefore, a son celebrating his Bar Mitzvah should get an Aufruf to the Torah. However, as long as the Jewish woman lives together with the Gentile, different rules apply to the boy.
As long as the Jewish mother is still living with her non - Jewish husband, the boy CANNOT get an Aufruf to the Torah on his Bar Mitzvah day.
Reason: The event could cause great joy and an intermarriage is anything but joyful. Furthermore, other children who are there may get a bad impression or may be influenced in a negative way.


  1. Thanks for the lesson. Now if only more Jews would read and Learn!!

  2. dont you mean "aliya" to the torah?

  3. B"H

    This is what I mean. Not to mix up with the "Aufruf" of a groom before his wedding.:-)