Tuesday, January 25, 2011

216,000 Unemployed in Israel


Israel's daily MAARIV is mentioning a new increase in the unemployment rate within the next three months. At the moment, 216,000 Israelis are without a job and it is expected that another 10,000 Israelis will join the lines in front of the unemployment offices and welfare. The unemployment rate now is 6,8% but expected to rise up to 8% until 2008.

We are always being told that Israel's economy is blossoming but it depends on whom you ask. Which field and where in the country those companies are located. The north and south definitely have a much bigger problem and less jobs than the coastal line or Jerusalem. Nevertheless, Jerusalem with an unemployment rate of 8,2% is the forerunner of the country. Haifa has an unemployment rate of 6,7% and Tel Aviv suffers from 5,4% unemployment.

Begging near Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Future predictions don't seem so great and sometimes it looks as if more and more Israelis should start using their creativity and start their own business. Not everybody is able to do that but in some areas people just don't seem to have another choice.


  1. I suspect that the majority of those who are unemployed are Arabs, Charedim and many of those fake "Jews" who are not really Jews but who live in Israel under the Law of Return.

  2. B"H

    Yes, but als many Jews. I mean besides the Haredim.:-)

    I would say that it depends on people's education. People with higher educations find jobs much easier although there exist plenty of unemployed academics.

    In many fields, Arab employees are not wanted, as this mostly causes tensions. Especially when you have a few Arabs. Then they always stick together and you never know what they are up to.

    Many Haredim are willing to enter the job market but the problem remains. When the Rebbe says NO, then it is NO. No one wants to put something at stake. The same, by the way, with the army issue.

  3. First, the guy in the picture looks like he is doing the prayer thing LOL. Second, there are many more unemployed then are being counted. In Jerusalem, Ben Yehuda street there are a lot of xtians with their hands out. They come here with only a plane ticket, then beg and use our soup kitchens to survive. Many decide to cash in the tickets and stay. And we don't even want to know about all the illegal africans terrorizing the streets. It is a real problem, but I fear that our politicians living in their posh homes will never notice until the homeless are sleeping on their door step.