Thursday, January 27, 2011

Google and the Jerusalem Holocaust Museum YAD VASHEM

Photo: Yoni Kempinski


Google is supporting the Jerusalem Holocaust Museum "Yad va'Shem" by publishing its photo gallery and thus make is more accessible to a wider public.

HERE you can have a look at the photo gallery !


  1. Don't you think that the Holocaust has became a business?

    Moreover, what is the more important: to turn the page and build our future or to constantly look behind and mourn the past? What I mean is that many Jews sum up Yiddishkeit to their connection with the Holocaust, and forget what yiddishkeit is all about: to be b'simchah, building the futur, serving G-d (Avodas Hashem) and making our world a dira b'tachtonim (a dwelling for G-d). What will give more nachas to the victims: doing another mitzvah on their behalf or commemorate their torture?

    There is a sicha on Parshas Lekh Lekha where the Rebbe explains that after the world was destroyed by the Flood, the survivors, instead of doing teshuvah, built a tower in rebellion against Hashem's Kingship. They didn't learn their lesson.

    So too, the survivors of the recent "flood" (what people call the Holocaust/Shoah) should not follow the example of those who built the tower. Their first priority should have been to raise their spiritual level. Instead they built a tower to perpetuate their name, a tower which had no other purpose than being as high as possible.

    So, despite the worthy intentions of the founders of Holocaust museums, monuments etc., the proper emphasis should be on building the Jewish people up spiritually, for that alone will truly ensure our survival.

  2. B"H

    Indeed, I do think that the Holocaust has become a business. Just look at Eli Wiesel and how he is marketing himself. I think this is terrible putting oneself so much into a center in order to gain attention.

    And look at the Holocaust Museum YAD VASHEM receiving Christian donations. In my opinion, haredi society does it right: Commemorating the victims of the Holocaust on Asarah be'Tevet.

    Shabbat Shalom

  3. Here in the USA we deal with the tamei who deny the Holocaust even happened. Most of the time we are insulted and verbally attacked by those who say it never happened. NOT KIDDING. Here in USA anti-Semitisim is rampant. Cannot say is just because of the tamei who are current leadership. Is an onging problem. Has been for years. Just getting worse.

  4. It's true, and nobody denied it. To have such museums and monuments are good for the world not to forget it happened. But there are becoming all about business. Moreover, eventhough it helps the goyilm not to forget it happened and that it shouldn't happen again, on a Jewish level, such museums and monuments are problematics when you become only interrested in the past and forgetting the futur. The Torah teaches us that everytime a bad thing happen, we shouldn't lament on the bad, but use that bad to achieve Teshuvah and build he futur. When we mourn the destruction of the Temple, we also include a vision of the futur: the hope that very soon we will merit to see the building of the Third Beis HaMikdash. And to be worthy of that day, we must achieve a complete Teshuvah. And this is the goal of every fast days on our calendar. Commemorating the Holocaust is the contrary. It doesn't help a yid to make Teshuvah because he is emprisoned in the past, and he don't even think about the futur, as if being Jewish was only connected to mourn the Holocaust but has nothing to do with fulfilling G-d's will through Torah and Mitzvos. That is what is negative about that Holocaust business. So it's good for goyim because they will never forget, but it has a bad effect on Jews.