Monday, January 10, 2011

MELANIE PHILLIPS: "Israeli Hasbara is a Joke !"


Many thanks to MELANIE PHILIPPS for her honest interpretations !
I couldn't agree with her more and she is also right saying that Israel's Hasbara is a joke. For years, Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the army or some government bloggers have been trying to bring over information to the world public. Without much success because the Arab world is more flexibel, faster, presents nice pictures and runs websites in all kinds of languages. The Arab world invests money into its propaganda but Israel has no budget for it but mainly useless people writing helpless explanations. 

The Arab world publishes the best propaganda and knows how to present it to the world whereas Israel does nothing. The result is that whoever comes first, takes over the world's opinion; and the winner, in this case, is the Arab world.

 Melanie Phillips on Israeli TV.

Further thanks to FRUMLIFE as well as to VLAD TEPES for publishing the video on their blogs !

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