Monday, January 3, 2011

Nutrition according to the RAMBAM


While millions of people involved themselves in celebrating the Gentile new year tonight, Jews normally don't celebrate it. At least not according to Halacha. Unfortunately, celebrating the Gentile new year has become a fashion lately among secular Israelis.

I had something better to do than getting involved in all kinds of new year thoughts and, instead, participated in a nutrition seminar at the Chabad hostel ASCENT in Zfat:

“Nutrition and healing according to the writings of the RAMBAM" (Maimonides, 1135 – 1204).

Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon was born in Spain but, at a very early age, was forced to escape the radical Muslim group "Almohad” which had conquered his country. He escaped to northern Africa and finally ended up in Cairo where he also worked as a doctor.

The Rambam was not only known as a Rabbi, physician, astronom but especially as a medical doctor.  He wrote several books on healing and also on nutrition regarding many sicknesses.

The Israeli Dr. Gil Shachar gave a three - day - lecture course in Zfat and quite a few people came to listen to his explanations. Healthy food is a top subject; especially when it also comes from the Rambam.

Here are some photos from our introduction class last Thursday night:

Rabbi Mordechai (Big Mo) Siev is welcoming the seminar participants.

Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles (at the end of the table with the long white beard) gave a brief religious introduction.

Dr. Gil Shachar, our lecturer.

Afterwards the first lectures we were invited to a "spiritual" concert with a Breslover Chassid from the chassidic Zfat band "Simply Zfat".

Despite all lectures on health and the right nutrition: At the concert beer, potatoe chips and other junk food were served.

I am going to translate Dr. Shachar's lectures as soon as I can

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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