Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Haredim against Buddha statue in Jerusalem


Thanks to haredi protests, the planned Buddha statue is not being put up in Jerusalem. Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barkat was planning to put a Buddha statue in the Talpiot neighbourhood. Not due to idol - worship but because a certain Buddhist direction is very friendly towards the State of Israel. Now it looks like Jerusalem's Municipality has cancelled the project due to the massive protests from haredi Rabbis.

Buddhism is considered as pure idol - worship, as people bow down before a statue, pray to it and sacrifizing incense. I read a justification article on a Buddhist site where the followers claim that Chabad is setting up its Chanukkah candles all over the world and if anyone went against their procedure, this would be called anti - Semitism.

Of course, Buddhists don't see their religion as pure idol - worship but Judaism does. When this particular Buddhist direction wants to be so friendly with Israel, it should respect its religion and not insist on setting up an idol - worship statue, as the Romans used to do.

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