Monday, January 17, 2011

The Palestinian Bosman becomes the Jew Yaniv


Whoever converts as a Muslim to another religion puts himself into severe danger. Islam doesn't tolerate a Muslim leaving his religion and those who do, may get their throats cut by other Muslims. 

The below video (in Hebrew only) shows a young Palestinian who was sitting in an Israeli jail for twelve years and then was released. In jail he converted to Judaism and after he was released, the Israeli police didn't know what to do with him and dumped him at a checkpoint near the Palestinian Authority. 

His Muslim name was Bosman and now he is Yaniv (Ben David) didn't know what to do. He became a religious Jew and couldn't return to his village in the territories. He starts praying and a camera team from Israel's second TV channel is filming him. The TV finally informs the Israeli army. A military general and some soldiers show up who are willing to help Yaniv. First they are sending him to a Yeshiva located in an Israeli settlement and now a firm solution has been found: Yaniv is going  to study at a Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

The video is only in Hebrew but very interesting to watch !

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