Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Facing your own Pharao in Life" or "How to run a successful Blog"


I am just coming out of a good shiur although some people keep on warning me not to get too attached to Chabad teachings.:-) I am not getting too attached and, of course, follow my own ego; meaning I have my own opinion.

However, the shiur was quite interesting and the person teaching was different than all those weeks before. The reason was that after the previous shiur last week, some complained to the lecturer that he would be throwing too much information on Jews who have never studied their own religion. How can you teach about three different soul levels, divine light and all these concepts when a young Jew is listening to you who has absolutely no idea of what the Rabbi is talking about. 

The person complaining to the lecturer said that it is better to take a small tiny concept, explain it to the people listening and then having a discussion. This is what the lecturer tried to do today but I was the only person at the class.

First, the lecturer asked me how I would feel if I was Moshe and G - d told me to go to Pharao. If I wouldn't be terrified ? My answer was NO. Why should I when I know that G - d is on my side and, by the way, regarding this week's Parashat BO, the Makkot (plagues) have already started and then, as Moshe, I would have something in my hands against Pharao. Or to say it in business terms: I am showing up with a threat. Why should I be afraid ?

The lecturer explained that, the same as Moshe going to Pharao and maybe facing some fears because he was put into a situation he would rather avoid, we have our own personal fears in life. PHARAO as a concept means a DARK PLACE. Each of us has his or her dark place in life and rather wants to avoid getting into certain difficult situations. And in case we get there, how then do we deal with it and what does this week's Parasha teaches us in this respect ?

The lecturer made a personal point and said that, according to psychological studies, there are always people who do whatever they feel like is right and there are those who only try to please their environment. I told him that I am not at all the pleasing person but the very opposite. I actually gave him an interesting example from the blogosphere:

There are countless sites on the Internet trying you to teach how you can have a successful blog with lots of readership, subscriptions, products and, of course, money. Actually the people writing those councelling sites are those who earn the money by selling their books and courses, and not necessarily their clients. 
However, the councelling sites seem to teach you that a blogger should be polite, pay attention to his readers and write what they (the readers) like (to hear). Even if you hate someone, remain polite because the reader may become a customer. 

I am not into all this and follow my own feelings. When I have something to say, I say it and don't care about my environment. But the astonishing result is that those people anxiously trying to be so tolerant and liberal (everyone's Buddy) do have the most success. Why ? I have no idea. Maybe the world doesn't like people with an own opinion anymore. 

What does this have to do with Moshe going to Pharao ?
It is not the question whether Moshe was afraid or not but how do we deal with the situation when we go to Pharao ? How do we deal with managing difficulties in our lives and whether we act according to who we really are or if we just put on a mask and run after the outside world.

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