Monday, January 3, 2011

Christian Missionary Activities around Zfat (Safed)


Baruch HaShem, Christian missionaries have never been successful missionizing in Zfat in the Upper Galilee. However, around Zfat there actually are some missionary activities and I have been talking to some people about the matter. This way I have received quite a few insights on what is going on in the area. Usually local missionaries are known and there are cases where missionary organizations planned to buy houses but where boycotted by their Jewish neighbours. Furthermore, the Kabbalah Center also intended buying property but was boycotted as well. 

So far, there aren't any strong missionary communities in the nearby Zfat area but only a few loners known to anti - missionary groups. In one case it is an American woman spreading her missionary brochures.

However, it is very positive to see that there are plenty of Jews, even secular Jews, who boycott and fight Christian missionaries activities !

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