Sunday, January 9, 2011

"The War against the Jews" - Gospel of John


"The War against the Jews" by Dagobert D. Runes is an extraordinary book every Jew should read.The author lists how the Church has always been trying to destroy the Jew. A status quo we have until today. Let alone all those vicious Christian missionaries creeping around and spreading their idol - worship. 

Runes himself calls his book "A Book of War". The war of the Christian Churches against the Jews. 

The Gospel of John is the most anti - Semitic of the four. It calls the Jews children of the devil (VIII:44). However, this is not the only anti - Semitic quote but one of many. Until today, those anti - Semitic quotes are being taught to children and adults in the Western world. 

Racial Christianity as practiced in Nazi Germany had its origin in the Gospel of John. The Gospel creates the impression that Christianity found its first followers among people fundamentally different from the Jews. 

J., his family and friends are referred to as if they were gentiles. The "Jews" were only lurking in the background, ready and eager to destroy them. The Jews would have no knowledge of G - d. Thus, John was the father of Anti - Semitism.

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    You're right. These are things every Jew should be aware of. This is precisely because many are ignorant of these doctrines than Christian missionaries are effective.