Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Achmadinejad removes sign of Esther and Mordechai Tomb in Hamadan

 Photo: Jewish Journal


Among many other news sources, MEMRI reports that the Iranian authorities removed the sign of the grave of Esther and Mordechai in Hamadan / Iran. The famous grave has been on Achmadinejad's hate list for quite a while and it doesn't surprise me that now he is taking action. I bet that soon we will face the destruction of the gravesite and then Achmadinejad may claim that actually the Mossad is responsible. 

Iran justifies itself saying that on Purim, the Jews still celebrate the death of thousands of Iranians. Yes, this is basically true but it also shows that Iran hasn't understood the hidden message behind the Purim story. The same as the Nazis. When the anti - Semite and editor of the Nazi paper "Der Stürmer", Julius Streicher, was executed by the Allies in Nuremberg in 1946, he screamed out "Purimspiel - Purim Game !" 
Meaning, Achmadinejad has got the best company.


  1. This is only the beginning. In Europe they destroyed holy books and cemeteries. Will this just be the beginning of an Islamic antisemetism? When they start rounding up the remaining Jewish people of Iran for transportation?

  2. Why do you guys go ahead with all kind of personal thoughts ? I've visited the grave of Esther and Mordechai in Hamadan just 2 months ago (April 2012), and everything is all right over there. The Israeli authorities destroyed much more Arabic monuments than the Muslims did to the Jewish ones.

  3. B"H

    When you say "You Guys" I suppose you are referring to Jews. So, why do you as a non - Jew go to visit those graves ?

    Speaking about Arabs and Jewish Temple remains: The Palestinians have been digging Jewish Temple remains from both Jerusalem Temple periods in order to dump them somewhere. Just in order to show the world that there never have been any Jewish Temples.