Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Lubavitcher Rebbe freaking out


I have to admit that the video seems timeless to me. Chabad is around anywhere you look and sometimes it gives you the feeling that nothing has changed and the Rebbe is still alive.

Don't get me wrong ! I am not Chabad and I am definitely not into their Meshiach ideology regarding the last Rebbe. However, somehow Chabad succeeded in keeping the memory of Rebbe Menachem Mendel (died in June 1994) alive. More so than the Breslover Chassidim with Rabbi Nachman.

Nevertheless, when more time goes by, time will show.

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  1. Concerning Yaakov Ovinu, it is said, "Yaakov Ovinu never died...As true as his children are alive, he too is alive."

    That means that many centuries has passed since Yaakov Ovinu died, but how is it that untill now, we are called the Children of Yisroel (Yaakov), because through us, his legacy is still alive. When Dovid HaMelekh was about to die, he designated Shlomo as his successor, and it is recorded in the Tenach that after hearing that good news, Batsheva proclaimed "Yechi Adoni HaMelekh Dovid L'Olom." This was not, of course, in a litteral sense. What she was wishing in proclaiming "Yechi HaMelekh" was that her son, Shlomo, would continue the legacy of Dovid HaMelekh, and in that sense, yes, through Shlomo, Dovid was alive.

    It is the same with the Rebbe. He is no longer alive, but like Yaakov Ovinu and Dovid HaMelekh who continue to live through their children, the Rebbe continues and will continue to live through his Chassidim, because, as he said when someone noted that he had no children, "My Chassidim are my children."

    As true as his children are alive, he too is alive.