Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chasene Nadvorna - Toldot Aharon in Bnei Brak


A Nadvorna - Toldot Aharon wedding at Kiryat Nadvorna in Bnei Brak. Unfortunately, the article doesn't say whether the bride is Toldot Aharon or the Chatan. To me it looks as if a child or grandchild of a brother of the Toldot Aharon and Toldot Avraham Yitzchak got married. "Chadrei HaCharedim" has published great photos and a video:

However, when you look at the video from minute 9,27 - 9,36, you can see the Nadvorna Rebbe's coat (Kaftan) moving to the side and showing the Rebbe's underwear and knees. Has the person taking the video not paid attention
and, at least, cut it out ?

The Chatan is sitting in the middle. The Nadvorna Rebbe to the right and, look who is sitting on the left: The Toldot Avraham Yitzchak Rebbe Shmuel Yaakov Kahn. 

The Nadvorna Rebbe, the Toldot Aharon Rebbe and Rabbi Wosner (Bnei Brak), who is somehow related to the Toldot Aharon Rebbe, was there too.

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