Sunday, January 2, 2011

"The War against the Jews" by Dagobert D. Runes


"The War against the Jews" by Dagobert D. Runes is an extraordinary book every Jew should read.The author lists how the Church has always been trying to destroy the Jew. A status quo we have until today. Let alone all those vicious Christian missionaries creeping around and spreading their idol - worship. 

Runes himself calls his book "A Book of War". The war of the Christian Churches against the Jews. 

I am planning to publish some content from the book. Facts, everyone should be aware of and don't sweap it under the "carpet of history". 

The Catholic church, for instance, sees in Augustine (354 - 430) a saint. Augustine was the bishop of Hippo and the most influential Catholic theologian. He called Judaism a "corruption". The true image of the Hebrew is Judas Ish Kariot, who sells J. for silver. The Jew can never understand the Scripture and forever will bear the guilt for the death of J.

In the judgment of this fountain of Christian love, the Jew must forever spend his life as a slave.

Just a brief personal remark on this hateful opinion: 
Those who do not understand are those Gentiles who are not Noachides. The task of every Gentile is to follow the Seven Noachide Laws and not a self - created piece of idol - worship coming from a dead Jew.

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