Monday, January 24, 2011

Christian Missionaries hate YAD LE'ACHIM


Israel's counter missionary organization YAD LE'ACHIM is quite successful in fighting missionaries and therefore hated by Christian missionary organizations. 


  1. Thanks for posting that video. It's great to speak about success in that area, but most of the time, ignorant Jews and Christians do believe that we have no argument to counter them. But the truth is that we have PLENTY of solid and valid arguments, beginning with the Torah itself, to expose their false religion and so called Messiah

  2. Yes, the attitude of the SOI is disapointing. They cannot understand the danger because they have been infiltrated by missionaries. They are even represented in the Knesset. So, what can we expect from the government?

    And to compare Christian missionaries to devout Chabadnikim is a Chutzpah and an insult to those who are involved in spreading yiddishkeit to the masses. This is not surprizing at all.

  3. B"H

    Actually any kind of missionizing is forbidden in Israel and you can be taken to court. Even Jews trying a to turn someone secular into a Baal Teshuva.

    In the Knesset, the missionaries have their own section called the "Allied Christian Causus":

    I can't believe that something like Christianity exists, as it is so totally illogical and the Christians themselves know that the NT was made up by some people.

  4. B"H

    However, I am sure that Christianity as a whole is a money and power business where the leaders simply use their followers and especially their money.:-)))

  5. An ex-Christian who converted to Judaism told me that Christianity is a religion which uses fear to keep their followers into the churches. This comes from Yoshke who, on many places in NT, used threats like "If you don't believe in me, you'll end in Hell". Secondly, Christianity, in abolishing the Torah, is spreading immorality and in fact rebellion against G-d throughout the world, because of their belief that the only thing to do to be "saved" is to believe in Yoshke, who forgives every sin. That means that whatever you do, a bad or a good action, you are automaticaly forgiven by "G-d" through believing in Yoshke and in his blood. I don't understand how billion of people can believe in such nonsense and worship that idol call Yoshke. So I agree with you that Christianity is all about money, power and fear. I know many Christians with whom I debated (one of my best friend worked for Yad L'Achim) who were shocked when I proved them from their NT that their religion was a fallacy and that many of the stories in the NT were either fabricated or taken from pagan (Egyptian, Babylonian and Roman) mythologies.

    In last week Parashah, Yisro, we saw that Judaism was unique because G-d didn't reveal Himself to only one man (Muhammad, Buddha or Yoshke), but this is the whole people (millions of maen, women and children) who saw and heard G-d on Har Sinai (and in fact, even non-Jews heard about what was happening, but only Yisro took the decision to join the Jewish people after hearing what the G-d of the Hebrew did to the Egyptian nation). If you want to create a new religion, it is easy: just pretend that G-d spoke to YOU! This is what Christianity is all about: RUBBISH!

  6. B"H

    The threat thing works. Until today many Christians wouldn't necessarily go to church but do somehow believe in J. because otherwise they would go to hell.

    I think it was the Rambam who said that there have to be different faked religions such as Christianity or Islam in order to prove Judaism right. Today those two faked religions means lots of power although people always claim that it is the Jews ruling the world.

    Various Christians wouldn't give up Christianity because they are too afraid of having no religion. In Europe, the concept of the Seven Noachide Laws is widely unknown and even when I write about them in German, people don't have any clue about this concept. Where to pray and what to do. I don't know how advanced Chabad in Germany is spreading the Noachide Laws.

  7. The xtians are successful because there are basically no rules other than "accept yashke". So you can drink, cheat on your taxes, abuse young girls, then ask yashke to forgive you and all is OK. The weak, the downtrodden are given a hot meal and a smile--then bang, they are in. Shame on our government for allowing any missionizing at all! If they want to come as tourists and visit their pagan sites, fine--but missionize--No Way!

    And where did they get that idiot announcer??

  8. The sad truth is that, except in America and in the Arab countries, Chabadnikim are not heading the Rebbe's call to spread the Noachides Laws among non-Jews.

    But on the other hand, I live in Europe and I know how generaly insensitive European citizens are concerning religion. In America, it's different. But there are some positive changes that are taking place, and I know that the 7 NL are taught to European political figures.

    The other problem with Christianity is that their NT teaches that Jews rejected Yoshke because of a spiritual blindness that will be removed only with Yoshke's return on earth. So because they think that our rejection of Yoshke's teachings is due to a spiritual blindness, they work hard to help us opening our eyes, because they so "love" the Jewish people that they want to share with us their "salvation". This is the reason they target Jews more than any other people. They believe that when the Jews will believe and open their eyes, Yoshke will return.

  9. B"H

    Chabad should. Especially in germany because several people have asked me. What can I tell them ? There actually is one Noachide prayer book but is available in English only.

    I passed Tel Aviv missionary center "Dugit" today and a small band was getting ready to perform. In Tel Aviv missionaries are successful among Russians but many Russians are just after the free meal given out every Thursday. Otherwise, the missionary center offers tea and coffee for free, so it becomes a meeting point. There is also Internet but I have no idea whether this is for free as well.

  10. B"H

    I liked the book "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown where the author claims that Mary (of Migdal) was married to J. The former prostitute.

    I am 100% sure that he was married when you go according to the historcal times in those days. People were married and if not, there was something wrong.

    The church, however, is more interested in keeping up the J. myth. How, otherwise, could all those nuns be married to him ? :-))))

  11. It is known to everyone who search the truth that Yoshke was married. Moreover, people were used to marry girls long before their 18. Abnd don't forget that according to the NT, Yoshke was a Rabbi. So go figure: you live in a time where marrying young was a standard, among a society where a Rabbi needs to be married (how can a Rabbi can teach about Shalom Bayis, Taharas HaMishpachah, and so on, without being married?), you are used to be with prostitutes, but you never got married nor did you have any relationship with any woman. RUBBISH! Marie or another woman was his wife. And he probably had some children (or at least one child) the church decided not to mention to maintain the state of "purity" of Yoshke, because the Church believes, unlike Judaism, that sex is a sin and that people of autority cannot marry but must live in celibacy to be focused on God and their flock. Another rubbish doctrine from the Chruch.

  12. B"H

    Just imagine someone claiming today that he is the descendant of the "Meshiach".:-)))) What would the Pope say when suddenly J.'s family is standing at the Vatican door.:-)

  13. It would be funny to see their reaction. But the question is: are his descendants Jewish or Christians? It would be interesting because as far as I know, all the disciples of Yoshke were Jews. Christianity as we know it in its actual form didn't exist in his time but appeared long after his death. In a Jews fir Judaism class, we were told that after Yoshke's death we have evidence that many of his disciples returned to traditional Judaism, understanding that now that he was dead, he couldn't be the Messiah (it is recorded in the NT that Yoshke told his disciples that some of them won't die until the Geulah happens...We all know that it never happened in his time and all of his disciples died, and we are still waiting the Messiah. That is why many of his disciples ceased to believe in him when they saw that many years had passed, the original Twelve disciples had died and the Geulah was still not there)

  14. B"H

    This is what I heard. After J. died, most of his disciples saw that he wasn't the Meshiach and they returned to Judaism. Later on, you only heard from Peter and that he was walking around missionizing but all the others seem to have vanished. The same with J.'s family who thought that he is nuts anyway.