Monday, January 17, 2011

The Skin of Adam & Eve


There are plenty of Torah commentaries, Midrashim as well as kabbalistic, Talmudic and chassidic literature teaching us how the first two humans, Adam (HaRishon) and Eve (Chava) looked. The two definitely didn’t look like us today.

A few years ago I started my collection about the different commentaries and opinions. There is so much material that I still haven’t finished collecting. One of the most common ideas is that the skin of Adam and Eve looked like our fingernails today. Meaning, there entire body looked like our fingernails and they didn’t have the same kind of skin we have today.

The kabbalistic book “Shushan Sodot” teaches:

A human being looking at his fingernails arouses the feeling of mercy and kindness within himself. Before Adam and Eve sinned, G – d wasn’t judging them because there was nothing to judge. The two simply didn’t do anything wrong and thus G – d showed towards them mercy and kindness. His judgment only started after the first humans had messed up their lives. 

Adam and Eve began to change after their sin with the Tree of Knowledge and it is said that they received a different type of kind. Similar to ours today. Nevertheless, G – d introduced the Shabbat to the Jewish world where He, once again, shows his mercy and kindness.

I know Chassidim who always look at their fingernails when they are facing a situation where they don’t know where else to look.


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