Monday, January 10, 2011

Israeli Supermarket Shopping

Photo: Miriam Woelke


Big Israeli chains love giving out a membership card (Hebrew: Kartis Moadon). Most of those memberships are a complete waste of time and the cards are totally useless. Retailers, however, justify themselves by claiming that only the customer who is also a member, is going to receive special discounts. 

As almost every Israeli, I have a few of those membership cards. Among others, I am a member of the supermarket chain “Kim’at Chinam – Almost for Free”. This card is, as most of their kind, useless and I only accepted it because I was promised huge discounts. As a matter of fact, every “Kim’at Chinam” customer receives those special offers and not only members. 

Today I went to “Kim’at Chinam” and was surprised when I saw the low price for a big glass of asparagus. Only 7,50 Shekel (approx. 2 Dollar) and I thought that this is really cheap. At the same moment, I read the small print on the special offer sign and it says that the price is only valid when you buy two glasses. When you decide buying only one glass, you have to pay the full price which is much higher. 

Those customers who do not speak Hebrew are going to have a bad surprise at the till !

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