Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Saint" Thomas Aquinas


"The War against the Jews" by Dagobert D. Runes is an extraordinary book every Jew should read.The author lists how the Church has always been trying to destroy the Jew. A status quo we have until today. Let alone all those vicious Christian missionaries creeping around and spreading their idol - worship. 

Runes himself calls his book "A Book of War". The war of the Christian Churches against the Jews. 

Saint Thomas Aquinas (1227 - 1274) was a Catholic philosopher and defender of slavery for Jews. He wrote: "The Jews refuse to work, they never do anything, that's why they become more and more greedy".

Dear old Thomas, may I just remind you of the fat medieval popes who used to be the real incarnation of greed, sexual perversion, criminal lust, laziness and stupidity. I am not even sure whether today's Vatican is so much different from its good old days.


  1. It is in no way different. Did you hear about the sexual scandals in the Church involving priests? Did you ever hear about what nuns do in their monastery, either between themselves or with monks? It happens every day because that religion is fake: how can you say that G-d forbids to marry? Their society is a lie and full of hypocrites. We all know that in their churches, priests rape and molest children and many priests have secret lovers with whom they begot children condemned to live a secret life.

    (Yes, I know, we also have or deranged people in our community.)

  2. B"H

    Their society is a strict and organized hierarchy.

    Monasteries are great places for homosexuals because they are surrounded by desperate unmarried men. In Germany, the illegimate children of Catholic priests founded their own support group.

    But to say it in one sentence:
    I am sure that J. was either married and having girl - friends. For years, he settled in Kfar Nachum next to the Kinneret and when you see the area you just know that his group was smoking Wacky Tabaci and having a wild time.:-))))))

  3. There is a story that was recorded in ancient versions of the Gospels that Yoshke did marry Marie (who was a prostitute who became one of his most fervent followers) and they had a son together.

    (There were many different versions of the Gospels circulating in the 2nd century. In the 4th century, the Church (ruled by Constantine) decided to burn the versions which didn't suit their beliefs and to kill those Chtistians who refused to adhere to the new system.)